Jessica & Matt's Tribeca 360 wedding in NYC

Matt’s in the film industry. He is a grip, which is part of the lighting team, so he was really picky about who he would allow to photograph his wedding. Jessica & Matt’s wedding was at New York City’s Tribeca Three Sixty, and I’ve photographed a few beautiful weddings there.

Jessica & Matt's Tribeca 360 wedding in NYC

Matt had muppets made of themselves, he showed them to a costume designer that he works with and the costume designer flipped. He made a tux and wedding gown for the muppets so Matt could dress them up for the big day. Jessica & Matt's Tribeca Three Sixty wedding in NYC Jessica & Matt’s wedding was full of laughter and fun like their muppets. It was such a great day. They both have big families, so there were a lot of family wedding portraits to make. There were 300 people at the wedding total. Jessica & Matt's Tribeca 360 wedding in NYC It’s our style to make sure things go smoothly and effortlessly and get all the photos each bride and groom requests before our time for portraits runs out. For Jessica & Matt, taking a picture of everybody at the wedding was really important. Jessica & Matt's Tribeca 360 wedding in NYC Normally, I work with myself and a second photographer, but for their wedding at Tribeca Three Sixty, we brought a third photographer along to make sure we didn’t miss any special moments.

Jessica & Matt's Tribeca 360 wedding in NYC

Karli Cadel & Cherylynn Tsushima both assisted me, and it was Cherylynn’s job to make sure everyone was represented in the wedding photos we made that day. I’m happy to say that we did it! Jessica & Matt's Tribeca 360 wedding in NYC


Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Tribeca Three Sixty Wedding Coordinator: KC You There Flowers: Mindy Band: Madison 35  Officiant: Rabbi Serge Lipp

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