Misa Kuranaga, John Lam & Diana Albrecht in rehearsal for Karole Armitage's World Premiere of "Bitches Brew"

Boston Ballet is undoubtedly one of the top ballet companies in America, and in the world. They’ve been on my vision board of dream clients to work with for a while, so it was a thrill to photograph them in class and rehearsals. Anytime I get to spend the day making pictures with a dance company, especially with dancers of such high caliber, it’s amazing. Sometimes, I still can’t believe this is my job. It is so much fun.

Lasha Khozashvili, Dusty Button, Sabi Varga & Lia Cirio in rehearsal for José Martinez’s "Resonance"


Isaac Akiba, Erica Cornejo & choreographer Yury Yanowsky in rehearsal for Yanowsky's World Premiere of "Smoke and Mirrors"


I spent the whole day with Boston Ballet. I photographed them in company classes for women and men and in rehearsals of world premieres by Karole Armitage and Yury Yanowsky. I moved around the room, did the best to let the dancers do their thing and stay out of their way, and made expert use of the light to create interesting images of them dancing.


Petra Conti


I didn’t have much direction from the company. I knew they wanted to see the full bodies of the dancers, they wanted to see the dancers’ faces, and they wanted to make good representation of each of the pieces. Because a couple of the dances they were rehearsing are world premieres this season, there are no existing images for them to use to promote and talk about the works.

My photos have already appeared in print in The Boston Globe and Metro Boston to promote their performances.

It was a thrill, and I hope they invite me back.

Go see these incredible dancers onstage, in costume and lights at the Boston Opera House this month! Quick, get your tickets! 

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