Dance Against Cancer 2016 | Dance Photography

by May 6, 2016Dance

Cancer touches us all.

We all know someone, and more likely than not someone close to us, that has experienced cancer. It’s a wonderful thing to see the amazing dancers at the 2016 Dance Against Cancer event being so generous to give this awesome performance in the spirit of finding a cure. Dancers work harder than anyone I know and for them to give up their only day off is so giving and thoughtful.


Daniel Ulbricht

Rachael McLaren & Marcus Jarrell Willis

Wendy Whelan & Brian Reeder


The Dance Against Cancer event has grown so much and Nel and I are both proud to be a part of it. It brings together some of the world’s BEST dancers into one unique evening. No where else can you see a lineup of stars like this.

Robbie Fairchild, Leanne Cope, Tiler Peck, Daniel Ulbricht, Wendy Whelan… These are just some of the dancers who participated in this year’s benefit performance. It is a star-powered night.

Robbie Fairchild & Leanne Cope

Gillian Murphy & Blaine Hoven

Daniel Ulbricht

Lauren Lovette

Sarah Lane & Daniel Ulbricht

I’ve photographed many galas and fundraising events. And worked with many organizations that are doing good in the world. But I’ve never had it hit so close to home as helping to raise funds and awareness for the illness that almost took my mom. Makes me feel good to be doing something positive to give back to those who have worked so hard to help her put the disease behind her.

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