I Love Engagement Sessions

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I’ve had so many fun engagement sessions lately.

Hannah & Kyle are getting married at Gedney Farm this October. They came to NYC from Boston for their session with me.

When I delivered their photos, they replied,

“The photos are phenomenal!!! Thank you so much! We had such a great time getting to meet you in person and having this photo session.”

All engagement sessions help foster a comfort level between you and your photographer, but this was really important for Hannah & Kyle. Doing an engagement session helped them feel confident about the wedding day and relieved any stress about their wedding day photos. They’re also getting a Keepsake Album of their engagement photos!

LILY & AARON Picked a meaningful location for them, Grand Central Station.

When they first started dating, Lily lived in Connecticut and Aaron lived in New Jersey, so they often met up there. And the Oyster Bar is still one of their favorite restaurants!

We made Chava & Scott’s engagement photos in their NYC apartment.

It made for really meaningful and intimate photos. Using their personal space brought in a deeper sense of who they are together. Years down the road, these photos will have even more meaning as they remember the apartment they lived in when they were engaged!

Julia & John Ryan; Fall Engagement Sessions; Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography
Julia & John Ryan; Fall Engagement Sessions; Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography
I first met Chava when she was an intern at Jacob’s Pillow, and now she’s one of my colleagues in the dance world. We worked together on a piece she wrote for Dance Magazine. What a fun and meaningful connection!

Engagement sessions add so much value for each wedding client.

This is one of the sweetest times in a couples’ relationship, capturing the feelings they share with each other for them to have forever is a gift they will cherish.

There are few times in life what you hire a professional photographer, why not take full advantage?  After spending an hour or more making pictures together, couples look at each other and say, “Wow! That was so fun. That was so easy. You made it so much easier than we ever thought.” This creates a comfort zone that sets us up for the wedding day.  Not just for the three of us, but for their families and friends, too.

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