Here are the answers to some of my client’s most frequently asked questions:

Alexis & Pat's Micro-Wedding in Bryn Athyn, PA; Wedding Photography by Christopher Duggan

Robert & Van were married at Tappan Hill Mansion, an exclusive Abigail Kirsch wedding venue. Everyone celebrated their love for the couple with non-stop dancing and lots of smiles and laughter.


Wondering what to expect? Find answers to any questions you may have regarding hiring me as your wedding or family photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire you?

1. You want great photos. You want them to look natural. You don’t want them to look posed, cheesy or forced. You want photos that make you say, “Yes! This is us.”   

2. Equally (or more) important, you want to have an easy, flowing experience. You want to enjoy yourself. You want to BE with the most important people in the world: your family and your friends. You want your photographer to be efficient, easy & fun. You want to work with me, because I’m focused on what is most important to you.

Do you offer video services?

Yes, we have been offering wedding films since 2012. I always felt that I wanted to offer something very high quality to complement my photography, and when I found the right team at the right time, it worked. If you’re going to do a wedding film, you want to make a really good one—otherwise, you’re wasting your money.

How many weddings have you photographed?

I lost the exact count a couple of years ago, but my best guess is that I have photographed more than 800 weddings to date. I have traveled to many locations in the United States for weddings including the West Coast, Texas, and many destination weddings in the Caribbean. I even photographed a two-day wedding in Lagos, Nigeria. That was quite a wedding!

Do you have reviews from real clients that we can see?

Yes, there are more than 130 raving reviews from real couples online for you to read. And you can hear from clients in this video, too:

Do you charge for travel?

I am based both in New York City and in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Generally, I travel up to two hours from either base with no travel charges. If you want to take me further than that, I’m happy to go anywhere, and I’ll give you specifics when we speak.

Do you offer flexible payment options?

Yes. Generally, a deposit of $1,500 is expected at booking to confirm your date and hold me for the wedding. Then the balance is paid 2 weeks before the wedding. Other payment options are available as well—just ask me. Also, after the wedding you may pay for album upgrades, additional album pages and other products you’ll wish to buy for your home and as gifts.

I heard I can put my album on my registry. Is that true?

Close family members, especially elders, love to give gifts that are meaningful, stand the test of time, and will always remind you of them. Your wedding album is the perfect option for them. We suggest adding your wedding album to your wedding registry (on, for example, you can create an account for guests to contribute funds towards a certain event or purchase — make a fund for your wedding album!) I’m also happy to speak with family members who wish to purchase your album for you.

Do you have insurance? My venue needs your COI.

Yes, I have all necessary insurances and providing a Certificate Of Insurance is a regular part of the planning process.

Do you have a backup system for my photos?

Short answer, yes, absolutely.

Long answer, my file backup system is extensive and secure.  Each of my cameras have two memory card slots, so 2 copies of each photo are created immediately. The memory card in Slot 2 is saved for several weeks before reformatting.  The card in Slot 1 is downloaded immediately after the wedding.  All files are reviewed by me before going to bed on your wedding night, and backed up to another separate hard drive. Then, a slow data drip immediately begins to my cloud backup system. It takes a day or so for all of your files to arrive safely to the cloud.

In case of emergency - who will photograph my wedding?

First of all, in more than 800 weddings, I have never missed a single event and I have never been late.

Unless, God forbid, a disaster happens on the way to your wedding, we will get you covered. First, I have my Christopher Duggan Photography team of photographers who work with me all the time and are at the ready to stand in if need be. Second, I have an extensive network of the best professional wedding photographers in New York and beyond who would, at the drop of a hat, help me as I would for them if they were in my shoes.

When do we book with you?

I suggest booking with me as soon as possible in order for you to be sure that I’m available for your date.

Do you bring backup equipment?

I do bring backup equipment with me to every wedding. I use two cameras at a time while shooting, and have another camera in my suitcase ready if need be. I also insist my second Christopher Duggan Photography photographers have at least two cameras with them as well.

Do you shoot in B&W and film?

I shoot all in digital. All images are captured in color but oftentimes there are images that we feel black and white is the best version. In that case, we will create black and white photographs for you. I do not shoot film.

How long does it take to get our photos?

I know how exciting it is to be waiting for your wedding photos, and I want to put them in your hands as quickly as possible. Within 48 hours I will send you five photos that will wow you. Then within just a couple of short weeks you will either see the first draft of your wedding album, the digital gallery online, or both.

Do you have a watermark on the photos we get?

No. The photographs that I deliver to you do not have my watermark or logo on them.

How many photos will we get?

It depends on a few things. But, generally when it’s me plus a second photographer from my team for a full wedding day, you can expect about 800 fantastic pictures.

Who owns the photos?

Ownership implies copyright which is a legal term. I maintain ownership however I grant you unlimited permission to use the photos and enjoy them any way you wish, including making your own prints, posting them online, and sharing them with friends.

Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes! An engagement session captures the sweet feelings you share for each other in this unique time in your relationship. I think this is so important and so valuable that I encourage every couple to do an engagement session.

Can we give you a "must-take" shot list?

I do encourage clients to think about some “special details“ and make a list of those. We’ll speak together to discover some of those special details. I would allow a handful of “must-take photos.” But, handing me a long list of photos that you’ve copied from an online source only stops me from making in-the-moment, candid images that you’ve been wanting me to make for you. I don’t want to have my nose in paperwork all day; years of experience have shown that the best use of my time is to have me focused on what’s happening.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use all Nikon cameras and have been a Nikon photographer ever since I first began.

Do you do family portraits?

Absolutely. I have many wedding clients who have turned to me as their family photographer, and I have been doing family portraits with them for years. I love family portraits and I encourage my clients to consider me for their families.


What are the top photos you capture at every wedding?

The top photos to get at your wedding are the top photos that are important for you. The best way for me to find this out is by asking lots of questions, learning about you, and finding out what’s most important.

How many weddings do you do per year?

Christopher Duggan Photography captures upwards of 30 weddings per year.

Why do photographers call their services an "investment"?

I used to think using the term “investment” was pretentious. But now I get it. Your photographs from your wedding will only increase in value over time. Think about it, photographs from your grandparents’ wedding from many years ago: how much would they be worth to you now? Or think about your grandchildren and great grandchildren. What would you pay now for incredible photographs that tell your story the way you want it to be told? What will that be worth in 100 years?

Do you have other photographers on your staff that can photograph my wedding?

Yes. If I’m not available on your wedding day, someone on my team would bring my same easy-flowing energy to your event. If you have an interest in working with someone in particular on my team, let’s talk.

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