I Finally Figured It Out…

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I finally figured it out. I don’t have to be brilliant, just responsive, open and soulful.

This past year has been really eye-opening for me and more importantly heart opening.

I think for a long time I was trying to create a contest winning photo or a mind blowing photo at each clients’ wedding. I was looking to capture their love, AND I was looking to boost my own ego with a creative masterpiece.

This past year, my heart opened in a new way and I allowed myself to get curious again.

I ask my clients, “What qualities does your partner bring to the world? If your partner told me three things about you that light them up, what would they be? Take me back to that moment when you knew in your heart that they were the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. What did that feel like? What would it mean for you if we captured that in your wedding photographs?”

These kinds of questions have opened my client’s hearts and mine, too.

I’ve learned so many things about them that in subtle ways has made for more meaningful photographs and a richer experience for them.

What could be better than your wedding album filled with photos that are meaningful for you? Photos that get to the essence of the love that you share? Photos that go deeper?

My clients deserve to have a photo experience that awakens them to the reason they are choosing their partner in the first place.

I’m finding out what that is and making THAT photo for them.  And when we make that photo, they can have it in their home so they may be reminded of those feelings they have for each other every day. Feelings of kindness, security, patience, fun, joy, family.

This is the time of year when most couples are looking for photography for their wedding.

If your friend deserves a warm, open heart set on capturing their relationship as they experience it, I know they would appreciate meeting with me.

The couple and their families are the heroes of the day. By having deeper conversations, getting really curious and allowing my heart to connect with them, I know my photography has grown more meaningful—for them and for me.


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