Jacob’s Pillow Dance 2016 | Free Performances at Inside/Out

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Dance

Inside/Out at Jacob’s Pillow is without a doubt my favorite space to photograph dance.

For me, free performances under the blue sky and against the Berkshire hills is the definition of summertime. Enjoying the outdoors. Having a great time with family and friends. Watching gorgeous dance against a breathtaking backdrop. It’s everything.

Inside/Out at Jacob’s Pillow never ceases to take my breath away.

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

A few years ago, two Pillow regulars wrote me the sweetest note: “For several years we have marveled at your beautiful photography at Jacob’s Pillow. Of all the dance photography we have seen, your work captures best what the Pillow means to us.”

I still think that is the ultimate compliment. When I walk to Inside/Out, I know I’m trying to capture a feeling that is much larger than the dance onstage. I’m photographing the way the crowd fills the benches, the question and answer sessions, the families, the picnics, the nature, the joy. I want to capture the feeling of Inside/Out in my photographs.

Really, this is the epitome of what makes Jacob’s Pillow so special and one of a kind. The site is historic and tucked in the beautiful woods. It holds a lot of emotion and energy.

Kyle Marshall Choreography

The Pillow’s new Director Pam Tatge (right)

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