Ryan P Casey at Inside/Out at Jacob's Pillow Dance

Every summer, my wife and I move back into our cabin in the Berkshires down the road from Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Nel is the videographer for the festival, managing the documentation of all of the summer’s performances as well as any additional video marketing needs.

Gracie at Inside/out at Jacob's Pillow Dance

I’m in charge of photographing the full festival – main stage performances in the Doris Duke and Ted Shawn theaters and free outdoor concerts at Inside/Out. I photograph the patrons and The School at Jacob’s Pillow, special events, talks, exhibits and artists on campus… My job is to capture the full festival experience every year, and I’m honored to do it.

Tiler Peck & Robbie Fairchild at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

I’ve been so inspired by the artistry and rich history at the Pillow that I’ve started several passion projects in addition to the full workload I have for the festival. My Natural Light Studio is an outdoor studio where I collaborate with the dancers at the Pillow and make portraits.

Amber Mayberry of Trey McIntyre Project at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

And last summer I began making portraits throughout the beautiful Berkshire grounds. I also started bringing dancers and choreographers to make pictures in my family’s backyard on our new trampoline.

Lissa Smith of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

This summer will be my 10th year as the Festival Photographer at Jacob’s Pillow. There are so many wonderful dance companies I’ve worked with at the Pillow and in New York who will perform this summer, and I’m excited to see them all again. Here’s a look at photographs I’ve made with some of this year’s festival line-up. Can’t wait to photograph them again.

Monica Bill Barnes/Ira Glass


Ballet BC


Dorrance Dance


Big Dance Theater


Daniel Ulbricht

w_20140719_Ballet2014-performance_ChristopherDuggan_101 w_20140719_Ballet2014-performance_ChristopherDuggan_068

Jessica Lang Dance


La Otra Orilla


Martha Graham Dance Company


Madboots Dance Company 


Schoen Movement Company


Summation Dance


Christopher Duggan and Nel Shelby, Manhattan-based husband and wife team, make photos & video with dance artists every summer at Jacob’s Pillow. They work throughout the year with dancers & choreographers in NYC & beyond.

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