Alejandro Perez, Francesa Loi, and Bret Coppa

Jacob’s Pillow Dance 2017 | Creative Dance Portraits with Students of The School

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Dance

Making creative dance portraits with students of The School at Jacob’s Pillow is a delight.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors with the dancers in the contemporary and ballet programs. The School attracts top students from around the world – the contemporary program alone has dancers representing nine different countries! The School is incredible. They’re incredible. It’s been great getting to know everyone and collaborating with these young dancers.

Matthew Gilmore and Montana Dalton

Joslin Vezeau and Henry McCall

Working with the students is awesome. They are young, vibrant and willing to experiment and enjoy themselves in our photo shoots. They share great ideas and are more than willing to try out all of my ideas, too.

At first, this summer’s ballet and contemporary students followed my lead, because of my familiarity with the Pillow and knowledge of the locations I often capture creative dance portraits.

Then, once we get comfortable, their artistic ideas start to emerge and the collaboration really comes alive.

Amaria Stern and Henry McCall

Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

Dion Savelkoul

Bret Coppa and Francesca Loi

Henry McCall

Emily Leppala and Taylor Massa

Alejandro Perez and Bret Coppa

All of these photos were made collaboratively. I threw out ideas, they offered ideas, and together we crafted so many beautiful portraits that I’m only sharing maybe a quarter of what we created here!

Lauren Worley, Matthew Gilmore, and Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

Jaryd Farcon and Henry McCall

Alejandro Perez, Bret Coppa, and Francesca Loi

Emily Leppala, Dion Savelkoul, Lucas Donner, and Taylor Massa

Joslin Vezeau, Henry McCall, and Jaryd Farcon

photo by Brooke Trisolini

Brooke Trisolini, the Pillow’s amazing photography intern, made a few photos of the dancers and me while we were making these portraits. These photos are fun for me to see, and she captured great moments. Brooke and I have been collaborating on these photo shoots, and she has also been seeking more opportunities to create creative portraits with the dancers.

Moscelyne ParkeHarrison and Montana Dalton

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