Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2017 | Pilobolus

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Dance

It’s finally here!! The 85th season of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival is off to a wonderful start.

I had the pleasure of photographing the world-renowned Pilobolus to open the Festival’s 85th season. The Pillow commissioned Pilobolus to create a piece specifically for the Inside/Out stage for the first official night of the festival.

There have only been a few site-specific pieces created for Inside/Out. Companies usually present an already existing work in the free outdoor series. Pilobolus performed three nights in a row – also rare on Inside/Out – so I got to capture their performance a few times from a couple of different angles.

Because the company had several days at the Pillow, I also had a lot of fun making some off-stage, artistic photos with the dancers.

Pilobolus is a company of amazing dancers and incredible performers. The artists are also generous and fun and great to be around. With their boundless energy, they were such a perfect fit for the first week of the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. The spirit of the company and the performers is totally in line with the spirit of creativity at the Pillow.

It was amazing to be behind the camera with Pilobolus on six different occasions between dress rehearsals, performances, and some goofing around on my family’s backyard trampoline. They were doing flips and tumbles in the Tea Garden with the Ted Shawn Theatre in the background. They wanted to participate and be a part of it all.

Pilobolus couldn’t have been more grateful and gracious to jump right into the Pillow family. And we couldn’t have been more grateful to have them. What a great way to kick off this incredible 85th season!

Isabella Diaz of Pilobolus

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