Christopher Duggan Photography, a wedding, dance and family photography company in New York City, is in search of an IT Specialist.

CDP is looking to fill a part-time, hourly position to manage our website and server. The role is estimated to require a commitment of 5 hours per week.


Who we’re looking for:


The person who fills this role will work in collaboration with the owner Christopher Duggan. They must exude patience, empathy and confidence. They should practice persistence and follow-through when making work requests, and plan ahead whenever possible to accommodate the varied schedules of CDP’s passionate and freelance-based team.


The IT Specialist will be responsible for upkeep of CDP’s website, email, hosting and domain. Responsibilities may vary with changes and advancements in technology, but typically include:


  • WordPress, Divi Theme and Various Plugin Updates – the IT Specialist will be responsible for ensuring all updates run smoothly before implementing on the site. It is suggested that the Specialist either: creates a localhost staging site, runs updates on the staging site, and combs pages to confirm nothing has gone awry before running updates on the live site; or researches potential issues from folks who have already run updates. For example, when WordPress released Gutenberg, we knew several WordPress updates could interfere with our Divi theme, and so we conducted a fair amount of research and decided to pause until WordPress released its next update with bug and security fixes.
  • Server health checks – this mostly includes checking on storage space, ensuring key features are functioning properly, and checking that site speed hasn’t taken any major hits
  • Backups – is hosted on AWS Lightsail, which can be backed up through instance snapshots. The IT Specialist is responsible for creating and managing snapshots and taking full backups off of AWS once monthly to be stored locally. 
  • SSL – AWS Lightsail SSL certificates are through Let’s Encrypt and must be renewed through scripting in the Lightsail console once every 3 months. The IT Specialist is responsible for running this script.
  • Site security – checking for signs of site security breach or hacking 
  • Urgent fixes – the IT Specialist is who we’ll call with any in-the-moment problems that arise regarding our website, email, third party platforms, server and more
  • PHP updates – the IT Specialist is responsible for determining when it is necessary to migrate the CDP website to a new AWS server with an updated PHP version
  • Cloudflare – Managing CDP’s Cloudflare account where DNS records are stored
  • Subdomain – the IT Specialist is responsible for managing CDP’s subdomain,, also hosted on AWS Lightsail
  • SEO – run regular site speed checks and do a monthly audit of SEO performance, making regular suggestions and recommendations to Christopher’s remote marketing team


Desired skills or understanding include:


  • Google Admin / Business Suite
  • AWS Lightsail Hosting
  • Email Marketing / Mailchimp
  • Web Content Management / WordPress (Divi theme experience a plus)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Page speed insights and improvements


Additional details:


Majority of work happens remotely, and occasionally, CDP requests help with technology in CDP’s Manhattan office located in midtown.


A plus if candidates are familiar with the wedding and family photography industries, with 3-5 years of related professional experience. The person who fills this role will be treated as an independent contractor, paid on a 1099 and will not receive benefits.


To Apply:


Please email with details of your qualifications, experience and attach your resumé to be considered for the position.




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