Last week, I flew to Jamaica to photograph Sami & Josh’s wedding (more photos to come). It’s a no-brainer to reveal my love for photographing weddings in new and exotic places (especially at island resorts!), but there’s also another, less obvious reason I love destination weddings.

Christopher Duggan destination wedding photographer

Bryan, me & Whitney at a destination wedding in Jamaica

Because there’s travel involved for all of the bride and groom’s family and friends, destination weddings tend to unfold over a series of days. They really give all the guests a chance to hang out, stretch out and feel like they’re on vacation. The happy couple gets to spend more time with their loved ones, relaxing into the celebration at hand. I love that.

The mother of the bride told me that the bride and groom each had pulled her aside at one point during the wedding to tell her it had been the best week of their lives.

Very special thanks to one of my all-time favorite second shooters: Whitney Browne, a super photographer to have on hand to help at any wedding. So glad I could bring her to Jamaica with me.

Videographer Bryan Sarkinen was working with Joseph Edwards for this wedding. He is awesome. Check out his work on his website or on Vimeo.

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