Our Top 5 Secrets to Looking Your Best & Having a Flawless Wedding Day

There’s nothing more beautiful than your smile on your wedding day. And nothing is more upsetting than a couple stressed on their wedding day. Stressing out does not make for good pictures.

I’m all about ease & flow. Whatever we can do to make your wedding day free of distraction, the better. We want you to enjoy yourself, be with your guests and allow the day to wash over you like a warm wave.

After photographing hundreds and hundreds of weddings of all sizes, cultures and traditions, these are my top 5 insights on how to look your absolute best and have a worry-free wedding day. 



Top 5 wedding photo tips by Christopher Duggan Photography

#1. Plan well – love is in the details.

Wedding planning is all about the little details. One of my first questions when we start planning with a couple is: “Have you thought about your formal family portraits?” I ask my clients to talk together about the family they want to include. Write down their names. Make a list of each grouping you want pictures with. It may be much shorter (or longer) than you thought. This list gives me a clear idea of how long I expect these photos to take, and we can be sure to plan for all of the portraits in the schedule. 

Think about the more “informal groups” of friends that will be there and make a list of them if you want to. I’ll ask your sibling or best man to point them out to me during the reception. Your friends from your old neighborhood, the group from the office, your college soccer team. You get the idea. 

Will you do a receiving line after your ceremony? Let’s talk about how long that will take with that many people. Might be longer than you think. Planning.

What time of day will we do the portraits? Where will the sun be? Will we have shade? Will you have grandparents or elders be a part of it? Let’s be sure they have chairs to sit in and shade if it’s hot.

How many people in your bridal party? If it’s more than 10, perhaps let’s rethink taking everyone to different locations. Moving 10 people in a bridal party to multiple locations for photos is super fun, but it eats up a lot of time. Let’s plan it out.

Then you can clearly inform your family what time they need to be ready and where they should meet! Clear communication on this is key for setting up their expectations.


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