Wedding Films by Christopher Duggan Photography

From Joe: “I don’t even have words…I am in love with the trailer. I think I have watched it for a total of 20 times already!  I can’t wait to share it with Darius tonight! And I am sooooooo excited to see the end product! More than you could ever know!”

Now Offering Wedding Films along with Wedding Photography

Clients have been asking me for years: “Do you recommend we hire a wedding videographer?”

My answer has always been: if you are going to do video at your wedding, do it right.

So for years, I’ve wanted to add a wedding film team for our wedding clients and have hesitated because I wanted to put the right team together. It had to be a blend of fantastic, artful cinematographers and editors with a real knack for telling a beautiful story.

Introducing My Wedding Films Team

wedding films for Christopher Duggan Photography

I finally found them and am proud to now offer wedding films for my clients. Now, in addition to wedding photography, custom wedding albums and fine art wedding prints, we can make trailers and full wedding films for our couples.

Steve DiCasa, Cody Buesing and Ashli Bickford and I have been working on projects together for over a year and we have bonded together to form a seamless team. They bring the same sense of professionalism and fun to each wedding that I do, and we work well together creating the best photography and film our clients could ask for.

We can’t wait to make many, many more wedding films together, and share all of them with you along the way. More to come very soon!

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