Celebrating 14 Years With My Wife | Our New Wedding Album

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Earlier this month, on October 15th, Nel and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, I shared that I was surprising Nel with a brand new wedding album.

Our original wedding album was falling apart, and it was because I bought the cheapest one years ago. Our photographer, who I love, handed me the digital files and it was up to me to do an album on my own. I didn’t do anything for about 3 years.

I thought to myself, “OH. This is great! I’ll just get the cheap one!” Here we are years later… well-loved, but also falling apart!

Our wedding album is a treasure in our family. Our kids call it “The Mommy and Daddy Book.” But, there’s one very important thing I’ve learned: don’t settle for the cheap one!

It’s tempting to go online and get yourself something that’s the lowest price because you can. You are making your wedding album not for you, but for your kids and their kids and their kids. You want to INVEST in your wedding album. Treat it with the respect it deserves!

Your wedding album tells the story of your wedding day. It is a time capsule of your family history. You want to create something that can stand the test of time.

My old wedding album was not well-made. It was not high-quality. The photos were not retouched and I chose the flimsy pages… it actually was falling apart!

For our 14 year wedding anniversary, I surprised Nel with a brand new wedding album that I designed with the album company I work with to make my client albums, so it’s made out of all archival material.

It’s gorgeous, and I know that it will stand the test of time. More than 100 years.

I want my children, who already LOVE our album, to grow up with it and to be able to tell the stories of our family, some of whom have already passed on and they’re getting to know them through our album! I want them to be able to turn around and tell THEIR children stories from our wedding day.

Take my advice and learn from my personal mistake. Invest in a high-quality wedding album. You (and the rest of your family) won’t regret it. = )

Photo by Tricia McCormack.

Recently, I was asked what’s different about your marriage today than the first year you were married?

I reflected on this for a bit and realized that the biggest difference between now and then is that back then we were just a couple, but now we are a family. It’s a totally different ball game now. Back then, we weren’t even ready for kids yet. We were newly weds and just getting used to that life.

Both Nel and I have done a lot of vision work in our relationship. We like to set goals and we try to plan things out 5-10 years in advance. I look back on this now and realize that we’re IN those visions and we’re achieving those goals we planned out with each other.

It’s really incredible to see things come to life. We have two amazing children, a home in the Berkshires, a home in the Bronx…

We have a deeper trust, a closer bond, and we know each other so much better now, while at the same time we are both constantly discovering things within ourselves!

It’s beautiful to grow together. I love you, Nel.

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