Re-Planning Your Wedding During COVID-19

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Throughout the planning process, I was consistently impressed with the COVID safety measures that Victoria took to ensure a safe and fun experience for her guests.

Victoria and Steve were married on October 31, 2020, at The Swan Club in Roslyn, New York — but that was nowhere near their original plan.

They planned & re-planned & re-planned their wedding, so I knew that Victoria’s insight would be super helpful as we continue dealing with the impacts of COVID on wedding planning for the foreseeable future.

After their initial plan to get married in the Poconos, and then their second plan to make that initial venue more COVID-friendly became their third plan, which was to get married in the Queens Botanical Garden…Victoria and Steve planned a beautiful and safe micro wedding at The Swan Club

Victoria & Steve's Micro-Wedding at The Swan Club; photos by Christopher Duggan

“I am making it happen, and if that means going the extra mile or the extra ten miles to make sure that everybody is safe and to keep COVID out of my wedding, then that is what I do. I have no choice, I am making it happen and I am making it safe.”  – Victoria

Victoria & Steve's Micro-Wedding at The Swan Club; photos by Christopher Duggan

Victoria was kind enough to sit down with me for a quick interview knowing that her particular story could perhaps provide inspiration and comfort for other couples facing a similar situation.

In our interview, Victoria explains the conversations she had with her venue, how she established a system of trust through checking in with her guests about testing and symptoms, and the specific safety precautions the took while staying creative and ensuring that everyone enjoyed their time together.

This is the kind of care that needs to go into a wedding. I am still so impressed by Victoria’s efforts and dedication to the safety of her guests! 


“I feel like even if I did try to cancel everything and postpone it however many months or years from now, it might not have been the same”  – Victoria

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