Ridgefield Connecticut Family Portrait Session

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Family | 0 comments

I met Lizzie through Diana, a bride whose wedding I photographed back on New Years Eve in 2018.

Diana grew up in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and Lizzie is one of her closest friends. Diana actually got ready for her wedding at Lizzie’s house, which is where we had this family portrait session!

Lizzie and her family live far away from Connecticut now, so her parents decided to move closer to them.

Before the big move happened, it was important to the family to have a family portrait session together at the home.

Through my discovery call with Lizzie and her family, I learned a few key things: I learned that the pool table, the Grandfather clock, and the gardens outside the home are all really meaningful to them. I also learned about the personalities of each family member and the children.

I have discovery calls with my clients so that I can make sure we get the most out of our shoot together. Having an initial discovery call allows me to get to know each family member ahead of time so that I’m not wasting time on the day of the family portrait session.

My ultimate goal going into a family portrait session is to tell a beautiful story through the shoot… I’m really happy with how these photos turned out! = )

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