Should we do an engagement session?

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I really do think everyone should do an engagement session.


First of all, it’s super fun!

You get to go take casual pictures together without the stress and anxieties that may come with your wedding day. The three of us get to have a relaxed time together, and I will take LOTS of pictures.

You can take some separately, and we’ll take a lot of you together as well to commemorate this special time in your relationship.

At the end of an engagement shoot, clients always smile at me and say, “Wow, that was easier than we expected!”

Another reason why I think an engagement session is really important is that it begins to foster that comfort zone between me, as your photographer, and you as a couple.

Establishing this connection early on helps to lead to great pictures on the wedding day itself.

Plus, once you see all the pictures from the engagement shoot and you then share them with your family and friends, they’ll also be able to sense that level of comfort, and they’ll know what’s in store on the wedding day.

So, all of this to say:

YES. I think you should do an engagement session.

Commemorate this time in your relationship and start building that comfort level with me ahead of your wedding day.

I can’t wait to make great pictures with you!

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