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by | Oct 22, 2017 | Wedding Insights

What to Share with Your Wedding Photographer Before the Big Day

When you choose your wedding photographer, you want them to be professional and create beautiful photographs for you. That is something we know you want. 

Even the most prepared photographers appreciate more information from their wedding clients before the big day. Telling us about your special touches means we’ll be sure to work them into a meaningful picture. If you don’t tell us the locket on your bouquet belonged to your grandmother, we’ll see it there, but might not get the context of how to best reflect how special it is in a thoughtful photograph!

What are the stories behind the details?

Certain items have a story that goes along with them, like Jordana’s crown.

Jordana worked in children’s television. She loved princesses and she loved crowns. In his speech at the wedding her new husband Gary remarked, “Never waste an opportunity to wear a crown!” She searched and searched for the perfect crown only to find it on Etsy from an Australian crown maker just a few days before the wedding. She had to express ship to have it in time, so it was important to feature it in their photos, and I’m so glad she filled me in on the story.

Other special details at weddings I’ve photographed have been pieces of heirloom jewelry or gifts from loved ones. I remember at Angelo & Sherry’s wedding, they told me all about Angelo’s aunt’s homemade cookies. He grew up with them. All of his friends loved them and his aunt was famous in the family for her cookies. Without them pointing out the cookies, they would have looked to me like any ordinary cookies on the dessert table. But knowing their significance made me pay extra attention and make more photos.

The thing about these details is that your wedding photographer may not know they’re there unless you tell them. Or may not quite get the special reason these details are important to you.

When we know about the special details that make your wedding the day you wish it to be, we look for ways to incorporate them in your photos with meaning.

Is there something on the bottom of your shoe? Something tucked in your dress? The pennant from the college you and your partner met hanging at the reception? Tell us so we can reflect your favorite memories through photos – creating photos that are personal, special and candid.

Special details can be people, too.

A special detail can also be a special person!

One example of this that I have experienced was at a wedding where the groom was a professional drummer on Broadway. He had invited a friend he hadn’t seen in years – his very first drum teacher!

Even though that teacher was not in the family portraits, I was told about how special this person was and made sure to make pictures of them enjoying the night and talking with the happy couple.

If you give me a heads up, I will know to locate these special people and make sure they’re in the photos. Maybe the bride’s dad’s Wednesday night poker group that has been playing together the last 30 years are all seated at table 10 – perfect moment to capture their friendship. What about the group from the lake house that you grew up with every summer, all gathered for your special day? There are 35 of them? No problem! I can capture their happiness together as long as you tell me ahead of time.

The more you tell your wedding photographer about the special details and people ahead of the wedding, the less you have to remember that day. If they’re like me, they’ll just handle it. It’ll be at the top of the list.

Another tip? Give a key family member, like your sister or a bridesmaid or somebody who knows “who’s who” a special wedding day assignment. They can have the important job of helping the photographer keep everyone and everything accounted for.

Every couple is different and has a unique vision for their wedding. Understanding your vision makes your pictures more meaningful. So, don’t forget to tell your photographer!

As you’re planning for the big day, remember that no detail is too small!

All of these thoughts are based on my own experience and feedback I’ve gotten from clients from 400+ weddings I have photographed. Every couple’s priorities are different, and I always abide by their plan and listen to their wishes. No matter who you hire as your wedding photographer, they should honor your plans!

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