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I have been a wedding photographer for the past 17 years, and I’ve developed a lot of knowledge in how to make your wedding an easy-flowing day.

Recently, I asked some of the brides I’ve worked with to get their expert wedding insights to share with you, too.

I asked them to tell me what helped them have an easy-flowing wedding day. I wanted to know the wisdom that they gained while wedding planning.

This way, I can share expert insights from REAL brides. And they delivered some awesome feedback…

“I think for us, the most important thing was to remember that at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that we love each other and when all is said and done, we are going to be married. Nothing else is important!

There is no reason to fight over the planning details because those details may seem important in the moment, but they aren’t.

Your relationship and your love for each other are the most important things, and honestly, the only things that are important at all!”


– Lauren

“I tried SO hard not to sweat the small stuff – it can be tough. I thought about weddings that I went to and what I actually remembers. TO. me, that was music and food. No one really remembers the details that matter to you as a bride (like your nail color or the sign in the bathroom). The extras are just extra – the napkins with our names, the coasters, etc. But, I don’t regret any of it!”


– Maria


“Darren and I recommend that the couple know what they want, but they also need to be willing to adapt as needed. Any number of things can go wrong, or at least not according to plan. You can’t let something small ruin your day. When all is said and done, you will still be married to your love, so don’t sweat the small stuff.”


– Eileen

“My heart truly goes out to all the couples who have to deal with postponing their weddings right now. Your engagement season is supposed to be a joyful one (albeit with some stress mixed in), and to be going through it in global pandemic is heartbreaking.

That being said, my advice to engaged couples would be to remember that this WILL pass. You WILL get to have your day, and it will be wonderful.

I think about our wedding day almost every day and what I always remember are the feelings of warmth and happiness.

We were surrounded by family and friends and just so much love. It was truly the best day because we had our loved ones and we had each other.

Whether you have your wedding on the date you originally intended to or not, on the day of your wedding it won’t matter, and looking back years from now, it definitely won’t matter!

You’ll just remember the love and the joy.

You’ve found your person, and you WILL have your day. So take a deep breath, stay home, and stay safe.”


– Diana

“My advice would be to not lose sight of what the day is about: your love for each other and the life you’ll build together! While the details and planning matter too, try to remember it’s just one day in the rest of your lives!”


– Allison

“Mine is simple: all the little things that drive you nuts during planning? Just know the frustrations are temporary. Because on the day of the wedding, you won’t even think about them. The checklist is overwhelming (though necessary!) but on your wedding day, it will all be forgotten.

On the day of your wedding, try to be present and be in the moment, and you’ll remember how perfect the day was.

Also! Don’t bring your phone with you. You have a photographer and your friends to capture the moments. Just be present!”


– Dana

“I would say keep it simple and enjoy the small moments. Don’t worry about perfection and just be present!”


– Meghan

“Don’t let anyone interrupt what truly matters to you. Whatever the outside pressure are that are weighing on you, do what you can to stick to what truly brings you joy and what brings your vision to life.

In these crazy times, if it means postponing to be able to have the big wedding of your dreams, you deserve that! If it means celebrating on the day you always wanted, you deserve that, too.

Whatever details or aspects you hold as sacred deserve to be whether other people agree or not. It is YOUR day!”


– Gracie

I have some pretty amazing clients. = )

If you’re currently planning a wedding (or if you’ve already tied the knot!), what is a piece of advice that you would like to add to this list? Leave a comment!


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