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Years ago, when I worked my business all by myself, I dreamt of having a great team around me – a team that I could trust with my clients, a team that would inspire me and be a joy to work with. I’m grateful to say that my dream has become a reality. I am now surrounded by the most creative and loyal artists who energize me and make my job even more fun. What more could I ask for?

Whitney Browne


See her work >

Cherylynn Tsushima

Photographer + Client Relations

See her work >

Whitney and Cherylynn are two women that I stand behind as artists, professionals and friends. They both have worked for me for years. Whitney and Cherylynn subscribe to the same philosophies about wedding photography that I do, and they each have their own distinct artistic voice. They both photograph weddings for our studio. I am over the moon to connect my clients with Whitney & Cherylynn as their Christopher Duggan photographers. Their work is detailed and elegant and in the moment.

Amy Jacobus

Marketing + Client Relations

About Our Client Support Team >

I also have the fantastic Amy Jacobus, who works behind the scenes. She is the smile behind all of the emails my clients rave to me about. I have received so many compliments about how prompt, clear and to the point Amy is with their inquiries. I appreciate that she goes out of her way to make sure that my clients are well-informed in a friendly, personal way.

Nel Shelby

My Wife! + Dance Videography

About Nel >

My beautiful wife, Nel, is the New York Emmy-nominated filmmaker and dance videographer who inspired me to be a photographer and start my own business. (I’m really a part of HER creative team!) I love being able to work on dance photography and film projects with Nel Shelby Productions as a husband and wife team. It brings me happiness knowing that I get to share my artistic vision with my wife. And through Nel’s incredible film team, I developed our wedding cinematography crew. I knew I could finally bring my clients gorgeous storytelling through video with our gifted film team.

Here we are! I wanted to show you everyone’s smiling faces so that you know the professionals you will be working with. I love this team of people. We have so much fun together, and we bring that fun to your wedding. =)


Photos by Whitney Browne  ♥  Photos of Whitney by Cherylynn Tsushima  ♥  Photos of the group by Em Watson  ♥  Styled by James Brown III  ♥  Make-up by Julia Dalton-Brush

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