Meet Christopher Duggan: Why I Love Weddings

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A lot of people ask me, “Why do you love photographing weddings?”

For me, photographing weddings comes from my love of people.

I love that sense of community on a wedding day when everyone can gather to celebrate a milestone in their lives.

The family allows me to experience that moment alongside them, which is really special to me. I feel like I get to be their documentarian, capturing moments that they’ll look back on forever.

I have a real passion for documenting family moments.

I have a few photos of me as a kid, but I would just love it if there were more moments captured of me and my family being together in love and celebration. That’s why I make an effort to take photographs of my kids at least weekly, both portraits and candids.

This is really where my love of weddings stems from: family coming together in support to witness a life changing moment between a couple.

Getting to be in the room for those special, more fleeting moments, too, is really remarkable. A mother holding the bride’s hand before the ceremony, college friends reunited, a grandmother overcome with joy—those are the photos that you’ll be so touched to see once the day is over.

Every wedding is different and every family is different, and I love getting to bring my creativity and capture the day as it unfolds for them.

Children, grandchildren, and so many family members and friends will get to know the couple through these pictures—it’s a joy and honor to be there and document it all.

“I was familiar with Christopher Duggan’s work from when I was a professional dancer in NY when I reached out to him to photograph my wedding. He was extremely open, available, and helpful in the whole process and recommended two members of his team to photographer my wedding.

Both Cherylynn and Whitney captured SO MANY gorgeous moments throughout the day (many of which I was not even aware of). I was allowed to be completely in the moment with my husband, family, and friends while they truly captured everything.

I find myself looking at my wedding photos daily and just smiling. I admire Christopher, Cherylynn and Whitney’s individual artistry and could not have have asked for better photos. I highly recommend this team!”


– Brigid, married in 2019 in Cooperstown, NY.

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